Oct 25 2011

Benny & the Drums

Benny and the Drums

Benny and the Drums

Aug 29 2011

Wall of Circles

Mar 27 2011


Sforzando at The Art House, March 2011.

You can get the full set at http://mexico.purplecow.org/static/sf11 or with the shinier flash gallery at http://mexico.purplecow.org/static/sf11f

Dec 29 2010

Yet more zombies.

And another couple of Provia zombies.

Dec 29 2010

A couple more film zombies

Catching up on the film scanning backlog. A couple more Zombie Shuffle pictures. Cross-processed Fuji Provia 100F.

Aug 23 2010

Water Reflections in the “Harris shutter” style.

Aug 23 2010

How hard is it to ask permission, GetUp!?

How hard is it to ask permission to reproduce my images, GetUp!?

I made it pretty easy to work out how to do things by attaching this really simple statement to my protest pictures:

Independant media, protest websites and the like should leave a comment or send an email for permission to re-publish and higher resolution images.

GetUp! didn’t ask permission and just grabbed them for one of their promotional videos. An email after the fact might have been good enough, but obviously that’s a lot of effort.

A grab from the offending video:

And, oh, look, I wonder where these came from?

And again:

and the source:

If GetUp! had bothered to ask, I think I even had a version of the right hand image with great depth of field to put the guy in focus, too.

“All Rights Reserved”. That’s not a “creative commons” license. If they’d asked, there’s little doubt I would have granted permission, but asking is a basic courtesy. Don’t try to pass off other’s work as your own.

I’ve never liked giant watermarks through the middle of pictures as they damage the message, but this is why they happen.

Aug 22 2010


Our visual media tends towards rectangular representations, usually in one of a common range of aspect ratios. Here, I tried to view each scene differently and compose to a different visual rule.


Aug 20 2010

Two Recent Sets

A couple of recent sets with galleries generated using Lightroom 3. Tell me what you think of the format. If you’re on a small display, choose the slideshow view for bigger pictures.

First, a walk around testing out the EOS 7D (but never letting the 5D get lonely, of course).


Next up, an attempt to make something of the light installation outside the National Gallery of Victoria. I didn’t really get what I was looking for because it was damn windy and kept blowing the lights around. Still, make do with what you’ve got. And a tourist-style snapshot on the walk home.


Aug 10 2010


Aug 10 2010

Fire Fighter

Aug 2 2010

Saturday Walk

Jul 23 2010


Jul 19 2010


More, including the lighting setup at http://mexico.purplecow.org/static/z750/

Jul 2 2010


Lighting: Single strobe, bare bulb to the right at minimum power.

Jul 1 2010

Backlighting Experiment

Sun-branded Symbios Differential SCSI HBA; backlit with 400W/s strobe at full power, dark room.

Click through for three more of the same.

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Jun 18 2010


Jun 17 2010

Studio (Untitled) 1

Jun 9 2010

Coffee Reflections

Jun 7 2010

Contax Man